New RUI Menu Parser/Handler

Hello again! A update regarding the standard menu framework we use, RUI. It has received a significant amount of tweaks and updates to be more dynamic for V2. We now also have our mini framework in wosa where you can create menus fast and simple with just a few lines of code.

Here is a example on Wosa syntax.

-- Create a base menu.
local Menu = API.BACKEND.RMBUILDER.CREATE('Test Menu', 'WosaV2 example menu', '~b~', true, true, false)

-- Create menus, can be "nested" as well.
local Submenu = Menu:PUSH_SUBMENU('Nested Menu 1', 'Wow!', {Label = 'Go to menu 1'})
local Submenu2 = Submenu:PUSH_SUBMENU('Nested Menu 2', 'Hello again!', {Label = 'Go to menu 2'})

-- Create a item in a menu.
Submenu:PUSH_BUTTON('A button!', 'You can write desc here, anything you want...', { LeftBadge = RageUI.BadgeStyle.Star }, true, function(Hovered, Active, Selected)
    if Active then
        print('this button is not disabled!!!')

-- Create a item in the root menu with colors!
Menu:PUSH_BUTTON('Colored button :D', nil, { Color = { BackgroundColor = {51, 133, 214} }, RightLabel = '~r~With some text!' }, true)

-- Make the menu visible.

And here is the result on the screen from just those lines of code.