Removing Wosa Collapse Script

Hello Just Wondering how one would remove the collapse script in wosa so that a purchased one can be used

Hello Joshua!

:spiral_notepad: This is a question I get asked alot and therefor I consinder adding this to a configuration in a following upcoming update.

But for the time being, yes it is possible but you have to edit a few script files.

Try to remove all the code between

– Optional –

And see how that would work. If you want to intergrate it even more link your export or API for

-- Showcase example
-- Replace internal wosa revive features for menus etc.
-- Your custom export or API call here.
exports.custom_revive_script:Revive() -- an example how it could *possible* look.

Or send the code of the script here and I take a look for how to intergrate it.

Topic moved to #wosa-v1:development-modding.

Worked thank you Very Much