Whats missing in V1?

Hello there everyone!

In the last weeks, many updates has been performed on both backend and frontend of the community. As v2 has been the main focus now for a while we are looking for ways to improve V1 as well as many of our customers still run that on their server.

We are looking for what can be improved or added to the current V1 to make it a better framework. Please give us ideas and your thoughts! :gift_heart:

Also a question, in what state you do think V1 is in now currently?

  • Un-stable
  • Stable

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in-game roaster
in game apply
Fire Hose & Script
Opticom System
Electrician job to get like streets lights working, etc random events like traffic lights stop working etc water and power
shash tires
lock picking
lawn mowing job
postman job
body cam
dash cam
Dumpster drive
radio system for the police
GPS so like say a civ wants to put a tracker on their car or cops they can put a tracker on them and follow them
crafting system
Parking Meters
prison stuff like say if someone try to get out of the prison by breaking out it does a all call
documents script
dirty money
Police Evidence System
Brake Cutting

Subdivisions like say if a user is in swat in the LSPD you can say LSPD / swat to for there no way for nonusers spawning in the cars for that sub

So like this
JobName Law Enforcement
Rank = Chief of Police
Subdivisions = SWAT

fire should have this to

Helicopter & Plane HUD